Terms & Conditions

1. These terms and conditions of business between TalentTech Recruitment Ltd, acting as an Employment Agency ("TalentTech") and the client ("the Client" which term includes any associated person or company of the Client) are deemed to be accepted by and binding on the Client by virtue of any interview/meeting ("the Interview" whether in person, by telephone, video conference or otherwise) or the use or the engagement (which includes the engagement or use whether under a contract of or for services in any capacity at any time) of any applicant ("the Applicant") by the Client introduced or supplied to the Client by TalentTech ("the Engagement").

2. The request for details (or further details) of an Applicant or the Interview by the Client of any Applicant introduced by TalentTech shall be deemed acceptance of an agreement to these terms and conditions by the Client. The Client shall notify TalentTech immediately if an offer of employment to an Applicant introduced by TalentTech is accepted.

3. The Client shall pay an introduction fee ("the Fee") when engaging any Applicant introduced to the Client by TalentTech. The fee will be calculated as a percentage of the commencement annual salary, including weightings, any guaranteed bonus or commission, car allowance, provision of a motor vehicle and any other taxable emoluments ("the Salary"). The percentage chargeable will be:

Salary** Fee**

Up to £49,999 20% of salary, plus VAT

£50,000+ 25% of salary, plus VAT

Where the Client retains the services of an Applicant who is self-employed, or otherwise employed under a contract for service, the fee will be calculated on the aggregate of the sums paid by the client to and the benefits received by the Applicant, or to Whomever the Applicant directs.

4. The Fee shall be payable by the Client within 14 days of TalentTech invoice date. The rebate scheme outlined in paragraph 11 will be invalid if the invoice for the Fee is not settled within 14 days. TalentTech shall be entitled (in addition to any other rights or remedies it may have) to charge interest on fees overdue by more than 14 days at the rate of 5% per annum above the base rate of HSBC Bank accruing from day to day from the date payment is due until payment in full is received.

5. The fee becomes payable immediately upon the start date of the Applicant or when an invoice is delivered to the Client if requested before the commencement date. The Client agrees to pay TalentTech the Fee based upon the Salary actually paid during the Applicants first twelve months of employment if in excess of the anticipated Salary or where the amount of the actual Salary is not known TalentTech will charge calculated in accordance with clause 3 on a level of renumeration applicable for the position in which the applicant has been engaged with regard to any information supplied by TalentTech by the Client and/or comparable positions in the market generally for such positions.

6. The Introduction (whether by the Client's Interview of an Applicant in person, by telephone, video conference or otherwise following the Client's instruction to TalentTech to search for an applicant or whether by passing to the Client by TalentTech of a curriculum vitae, linked in profile or any information which identifies the Applicant ("the Introduction")) of the Applicant by TalentTech is confidential; to pass such introduction or any information concerning the Applicant to any other party renders the Client liable to the fee set out above without refund where the passing of such introduction or information leads to an engagement of the Applicant by that third party within 12 months of such introduction in any capacity and whether under a contract of or for services.

7.1 TalentTech endeavours to ensure the suitability of any Applicant introduced to the Client by obtaining confirmation of the Applicant's identity and any experience, training, qualifications and any authorisation which maybe required by law or any professional body; and supplying to the Client the Applicant's confirmation as to experience, training, qualifications and that the Applicant is willing to work in the position which the client seeks to fill as outlined in the vacancy details identified at clause 7.5. At the same time as proposing an applicant to the Client, TalentTech shall inform the Client of such matters as they have obtained confirmation of. Where such information is not given on paper or by electronic means, it shall be confirmed by such means by the end of the fifth business day.

7.2 TalentTech strives to take all such steps as are reasonably practicable to ensure that the Client and the Applicant are aware of any requirements imposed by law or any acknowledged professional body to enable the Applicant to work in the position which the Client seeks to fill.

7.3 TalentTech strives to take all such steps as are reasonably practicable to ensure that it would not be detrimental to the interest of either the Client or the Applicant for the Applicant to work in the position which the Client seeks to fill.

7.4 Notwithstanding clauses 7.1, 7.2 and 7.3 the Client shall satisfy itself as to the suitability of the Applicant and take up any references provided by the Applicant to it or TalentTech before engaging such Applicant. The Client is responsible for obtaining all relevant work permits and certificates during or before the interview process and any such other permission to work as may be required, for the arrangement of medical examinations and/or investigations into medical history of any Applicant and satisfying any medical and other requirements, qualifications or permission required by law of the country in which the Applicant is engaged to work.

7.5 To enable TalentTech to comply with its obligations under clauses 7.1, 7.2, 7.3, the Client undertakes to provide TalentTech details of the position which the Client seeks to fill, including type of work; the location and hours of work; the experience, training, qualifications and any other authorisation which the Client reasonably considers necessary or which are required by law or any professional body for the Applicant to possess in order to work in the position and any risks to health & safety known to the Client and what steps the Client has taken to prevent or control such risks. In addition, the Client shall provide details of the date the Client requires the Applicant to commence work, the duration or likely duration of the work; minimum rate of remuneration, expenses and any other benefits that would be offered; the intervals of payment of renumeration and the length of notice that the Applicant will be entitled to give and receive to terminate the employment with the Client ("the Vacancy Details").

8. Once the Introduction by TalentTech has been made, and an Applicant has accepted the Engagement the Fee shall be payable by the Client in accordance with these terms whether or not the Applicant was already known to the Client prior to the Introduction.

9. The Engagement of the Applicant by the Client, whether or not in accordance with the terms of the original Vacancy Details given by the Client shall render the Fee payable by the Client provided the Engagement is within 12 months of TalentTech's initial introduction.

10. TalentTech shall not be liable under any circumstances for any loss, expense, damage, delay, costs or compensation (whether direct, indirect or consequential) which may be suffered or incurred by the Client arising from or in any way connected with TalentTech seeking an Applicant for the Client or from the Introduction to or Engagement of any Applicant by the Client or from the failure of TalentTech to introduce any Applicant. For the avoidance of any doubt, TalentTech does not exclude liability for death and personal injury arising from its own negligence.

11. In the event of any Applicant terminating and/or the Client lawfully terminating the Engagement (save where as a result of the Applicant being made redundant by the Client in which case the Fee or any part thereof will not be refundable) within a period of 12 weeks from the date upon which such Applicant commenced work for the Client provided that:

i The Client notifies TalentTech in writing of the termination of Engagement within ten calendar days thereafter;

ii The Client or any subsidiary or associated company of the Client shall not engage the Applicant within 12 months from the date of termination of the Engagement;

iii The full introduction Fee payable under clause 3 above has been charged; and

iv The account has been settled within the time specified in these terms; then the Client shall receive a rebate calculated in accordance with the sales set out below:

Period of employment Percentage of credit

up to 4 weeks Full rebate or replacement

up to 8 weeks 25% rebate of fee

up to 12 weeks 10% rebate of fee

v TalentTech shall have full exclusivity for the period of 4 weeks in relation to any replacements. All replacements shall be based on the same Vacancy Details as originally obtained for the position and may not be varied to suit any other positions the Client may have available.

12. After the applicant has been employed by the client for any period exceeding 12 weeks no request for credit will be considered by TalentTech.

13. These terms and conditions shall govern the agreement made by the parties hereto to the exclusion of any other terms and conditions and shall not be varied in any way except in writing by an authorised executive of TalentTech.

14. This agreement shall be governed by the laws of England and subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Courts of England & Wales.


As a hiring manager, I have found TalentTech to be the most professional, transparent and effective recruitment service I have worked with throughout my career. They truly understand the market.

Garry Armstrong - Senior Product Manager

John and the team are extremely professional and helped me immensely throughout my whole interview process, going above and beyond expectations to ensure I was fully prepared. They did an incredible job and I would recommend TalentTech highly.

Emily Reddi - Sales Development Representative

Recruiting through TalentTech Recruitment has been a really refreshing experience. Honest and practical recruitment with feedback throughout the process giving valuable input when needed. We have now successfully recruited our two new Business Development Managers and should we be looking to add to the team we will certainly instruct you once again. Thanks very much Nick, John & the team.

HR Director, UK Engineering Company

A big thankyou to Josh and Dave at TalentTech Recruitment who have helped me secure my new role. Their help and support through this challenging time has been invaluable and without their input I very much doubt I would have got this position. I have let my new employer know of their input and will happily recommend them for all future recruitment.

Louise Oldham - Sales Account Manager

John and the team at TalentTech Recruitment are an absolute credit to themselves. John worked tirelessly with myself throughout every stage of the recruitment process, and it was with his help and support that I was successful in securing the perfect role within a fantastic company. He made sure that I was constantly kept informed during every step of the process, providing me with even the smallest details and information required. His extensive knowledge of the whole recruitment process and his attention to detail were second to none and I would absolutely not hesitate in recommending John, Nick and the team at TalentTech to anyone with specialist recruitment requirements, the guys will 100% give you the upmost effort and commitment. I can't thank them enough, it has been an absolute pleasure working with them

Neil Foster - National Trade Sales Manager

John was a complete professional when it came to supporting me through the interview process. Very easy to speak to and gave great advice on his client. Would go to again if I find myself out of a job!

Thomas Davies - Customer Success Executive

Josh & John were very timely throughout the process, and both very easy to talk with. Constructive input without the need to follow up for information made communication very practical. John was very considerate and professional, which helped put my mind at ease. I have now secured a brilliant role in an excellent company with the help of a faultless process from TalentTech.

Dominic Protacio - Sales Development Representative

Its great to see a recruitment company that listens to the client and explains the process to us. The project to hire a National Sales Manager wasn’t without its challenges in this competitive market for candidates but the team at TalentTech kept us updated and informed throughout the hiring process.

Sales Director - Global Technology provider

David was fantastic to work with. Very helpful, supportive and I'm very grateful to him for putting me forward to a cracking sales role that I have now secured. I highly recommend David and the team around him at talenttech recruitment!

Anton Archer - Area Sales Manager

We have been really pleased with the two engineers you have found us. They have both settled into the team well and we are grateful to you for sourcing them. We have plans for 2020 and will be in contact to help us with our next planned recruitment.

Managing Director - UK Engineering Services Organisation

Excellent service John & Nick! The whole recruitment process was hassle free and we secured a fantastic candidate at the end of it. Thanks TalentTech.

Engineering Director – Global Technical Organisation

John is very professional and persistent. I was delighted to have the opportunity to work with him. Without his help I would not have been successful in my recent job search.

Martin Reppion - Business Development Manager

Thank you to the whole Team at TalentTech for the quality of the shortlist you have presented to me yesterday. Four of the candidates were excellent and I only wanted to take three back for 2nd interviews so it is going to give me a real headache having to choose three for final interview.

National Sales Manager – UK Construction Manufacturer

We have worked with TalentTech for the last 6 months and they have supported our transition as we aim to strengthen certain areas of the UK business. What started as filling one of our vacant area sales roles that we had struggled with has given us the opportunity to get TalentTech engaged to successfully help in other divisions. Its been refreshing to find a company that just “get” recruitment having had a number of negative experience with previous suppliers.

HR Director – Technical Scientific & Laboratory Manufacturer

What a great find! Thanks John, for providing us with our latest Sales Development Representative for the West Midlands & Warwickshire area. We look forward to the candidate starting and enjoying their sales career with us. I will certainly recommend you to my colleagues throughout the business.

Mid-Market Sales Manager – MarTech Software Vendor

Its been a pleasure to work with Team TalentTech on our latest planned recruitment campaign, we found the process to be smooth and were kept informed throughout the hiring of our latest engineer. In a difficult market with a specific brief they were able to provide a strong shortlist giving us a number of options. Big thanks particularly to Nick for his help and professionalism.

Technical Service Manager – European Packaging Equipment Supplier

Thank you to Nick and the team at TalentTech recruitment for your help on our recent recruitment project. You were up against 2 other recruitment suppliers but the quality of the candidates and the service to both ourselves and the successful candidate was excellent. You have proved to be a valuable partner and will now be our chosen preferred supplier for all UK recruitment.

National Sales Manager – Global Manufacturer of Industrial Capital Equipment

John and Nick were very helpful in supporting me on the recruitment process. They were very accommodating during my out of hours office calls and responded to emails and messages very promptly. They ensured that the company was fit for purpose for my needs and demands and encouraged me to Pursue this company which being part of Filtermist now has been challenging and fulfilling. John and Nick are professional, pro-active and pleasant gentlemen to be involved with. I would certainly recommend them as a recruiter both from a candidate and a hiring managers perspective

Manpreet Maan - Proposals Engineer

I work with a number of other agencies but John is by far the most professional and is at the top of my preferred supplier list. He not only knows our business and has a real knack of finding the candidates that have the right skills, attitudes and behaviours that fit our culture, but he goes out of his way to get the know the hiring managers and then simplifies the recruitment process for them. As a result of this, he managed to fill a senior level role flawlessly and, although it was a difficult task, he found a truly talented member of our leadership team who is already adding value to their team and the business overall.

MD – Global Engineering OEM

Nick is a consummate professional and his help has been invaluable throughout my recent job-hunting process. Having not been on the job market for a while, the interview and presentation advice he gave me made a huge difference and helped me to secure the role I really wanted. I really appreciate all the effort and assistance and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend him.

Regional Sales Manager – Technology

The recruitment process can often be arduous but we found TalentTech to be honest and transparent throughout, which is very refreshing and we’re pleased to have found a genuine supplier that can support our business going forward.

Service Manager – Scientific Instrumentation

From first contact with John, he was open, friendly & offered some great advice. Throughout the process he was efficient & diligent with his communication/feedback & having this from a recruiter made the interview/job change process far easier - which is a rare thing! I thoroughly recommend John & his business when you’re looking for a new role/career change

Will McCullough - Area Sales Manager

I am absolutely delighted with my new role and company. I couldn’t have wished to join a better organisation and am very grateful for all the help and support John gave me in making it happen. All the interview advice was invaluable.

National Sales Manager – Chemical manufacturer

TalentTech have presented me with some fantastic opportunities to take my career aspirations forward. They have been dedicated and professional and have really added tremendous value throughout.

Technical Manager – Engineering Services Company

I have been working with recruitment consultancies for many years and have had mixed experiences in terms of quality of service as well as value for money. Working with John has been quite a change. John and I formed a strategic alliance for the recruitment of high-quality sales professionals. This was only possible because of the effort and resources that were put into gaining a comprehensive understanding of our business and the market sectors we operate in. John co-ordinated our recruitment needs and has proved to be highly successful and cost effective. I have no hesitation in recommending John and TalentTech as a preferred supplier and business partner.

HR Director –Building Materials Company

Nick’s experience clearly shows. He just ‘gets it’, quickly understanding our organisational goals and culture and sourcing our latest, exceptional technical candidate. The process was smooth throughout with regular feedback given at each stage. I would highly recommend him.

Engineering Director - OEM Manufacturing Company

Highly recommend John for the professionalism and support during the whole recruitment process. Very Encouraging to be kept up to date and informed through out. Many thanks for your help and advice.

Craig McCormack - Systems Engineer


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